Childcare Havelock North

Why Curriculum, Philosophy and Teachers are Key to Children’s Development

NZ’s early learning education has a wonderful reputation as being among the world’s highest quality. We are known for our emphasis on play-based learning, our bicultural framework and our goal of empowering lifelong learners.

Any kindergarten or daycare centre should follow NZ’s robust national curriculum, offer a strong philosophy and be filled with passionate teachers in order to positively impact children. Learn more about how curriculum, philosophy and teachers are key to helping your child learn, develop and grow.

NZ’s world-leading curriculum

Early education centres in NZ are guided by Te Whāriki, the National ECE Curriculum, which states that children are born competent and confident. Early childhood is the time to nurture this innate talent, letting it continue to flourish and develop as children move from infant to toddler to preschooler.

How our Havelock North daycare centre and kindergarten reflects the principles of Te Whāriki

This curriculum can be found in every inch of our kindy and childcare centre. It’s there in how we…

• Provide safe spaces that children are free to explore
• Allow children to find their unique strengths and pursue their own interests
• Foster a sense of belonging for all our tamariki
• Work in partnership with parents, whānau and caregivers
• Encourage community connections.

A holistic philosophy

Shining through our Havelock North kindergarten and daycare centre’s curriculum is our holistic philosophy. We view each child as an individual as we nurture their whānau (family health), Tinana (physical health), Hinengaro (mental health) and Wairua (spiritual health). We know there is nothing more important than connection, communication and contributions for children to develop and reach their potential.

A passionate team of kindergarten and childcare teachers

Any kindergarten or childcare centre relies on passionate and talented, warm and friendly teachers, and our kaiako are all this and more. Together, our team has set up a kindergarten and childcare environment that offers opportunities to explore, engage and learn at every turn. From sensory experiences to physical challenges, fun activities to singing and dance, our teachers meet each child at their unique stage of life and guide them as they naturally grow and develop.

If you are looking for an early learning centre in Havelock North that offers quality education, look no further than Piccolini. Give us a call, flick us an email or pop in for a visit today.