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The Benefits of Good Nutrition at a Childcare Centre

We love to move our bodies at Piccolini Private Kindergarten and Childcare Havelock North, and a great foundation for healthy bodies is getting the right nutrition. We encourage all whanau to start the day off right with a hearty breakfast that includes some grains and proteins, at our daycare we reckon that growth and development start with the right fuel and we love to get involved with helping your tamariki to be the best they can be.

Top Up the Tank

It can be hard sometimes to figure out how to get your picky eater the 5 plus a day we know they need, so at Piccolini childcare and kindergarten in Havelock North, we supplement our lunchbox system with some great healthy snacks for morning and afternoon tea. If you are struggling to come up with good options for your child’s lunchbox we are here to help and we have a few ideas that may be useful at home to top up your toddler’s tank! Along with the classics like carrot sticks, and hummus, or celery with some almond butter, we also love making a nutritious smoothie.

Different Needs

There are some kids at Piccolini Havelock North that can eat pretty much anything, but we also work with tamariki that have specific dietary requirements. A couple of ways you can address this with a good smoothie is to start with a non-dairy base, there are lots of great milk options these days, soy of course, then there is almond or oat milk. Milk gives a great creamy base but you can also go for apple juice or coconut water for some extra vitamins.

Boost Brain Power

Start with a banana and work your way up, if your child can eat nuts you can throw a handful in for an extra protein hit, or if there are allergies try a sunflower seed or a pumpkin seed. Getting some good oils in there from nuts and seeds is a great way to boost the omega oils, and at Piccolini childcare Havelock North we know that boosting the this boosts the brainpower. Using some frozen berries, a squeeze of lemon, and a bit of fresh mint is a super tasty combo that will taste more like a dessert than a health food!

Yummy Treats

A great way to get your kindy kid to engage with this healthy recipe is to go one step further and turn it into an iceblock, at Piccolini Private Kindergarten and Childcare Havelock North we love to encourage our tamariki to eat healthy at daycare and making sure that they have some healthy options at home over the summer months is an easy way to make good nutrition a natural part of your day.

Get in touch with Piccolini Havelock North today to chat about all the great ways we can work together to give your kindergarten kid the best start.