childcare havelock north

Incorporating The Outdoors into Our Learning and Play

At Piccolini Private Kindergarten and Childcare Havelock North we love to engage with the great outdoors when we are learning and playing. By opening up the doors and heading out our world becomes full of further possibilities. Discovering and exploring is something that comes so naturally to children, and if we can take this curiosity and channel it into early learning, we can make learning more fun.

Equal Opportunity

Our Havelock North childcare centre is lucky to have lots of space for your tamariki to stretch their legs and their brains. We have a spacious indoor and outdoor area, and we make sure that all our childcare kids get a fair go on the playground. We understand that everyone moves at a different pace, and we take this into account when your child moves outside to play and learn, little ones and big ones, we are all important and deserve to enjoy our day.

Help Is Always at Hand

Some children need help to use playground equipment, or maybe they just like to feel secure with an adult close at hand. At our Havelock North daycare, we cater to all levels of abilities and we are always looking for ways to help your little learner become more independent. Whether they need a boost onto the swing or a boost in confidence, our childcare teachers are all here to make sure that the time your child spends at our centre is fruitful and nurturing -and that they always feel heard and valued.

We Know What You Mean

Our childcare team is always nearby to make sure that each one of our whanau is given the space to express themselves safely. We believe that every child has something valuable to contribute at Piccolini Private Kindergarten and Childcare and we enjoy group activities out on the playground as well as free play. If your tamariki needs something a little extra from our staff you can let us know, we want to make sure everyone feels included.

Get in touch today to come and check out our fantastic Havelock North childcare centre. We’d love you and your children to be a part of it.