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Guiding Little Feet for Big Steps at Piccolini Havelock North

When we welcome your tamariki to Piccolini Havelock Private Kindergarten and Childcare Havelock North, we always hope we have your children with us until he or she is ready to head off to school! There are so many milestones in these first few years, and we love to celebrate them all at our early childhood centre. We also work together to make sure your little ones feel prepared when they head out the daycare door for the last time.

Moving Forward Together

There are lots of little things that we can do everyday to get your child ready for this huge step out into the world, and at Piccolini Childcare Havelock North, we like to make sure your child has a grasp of some fundamentals before we say farewell. A few of the things we think are important involve mastering some basic tasks that will go a long way to ensuring your daycare kid feels like they are grown up enough to take on primary school life.

Good Food, Well Packed!

A great place to start growing independence for your child is their lunchbox. When your little one can contribute to packing a nutritious lunchbox for their day at Piccolini Havelock North they are far more likely to eat the contents, it’s less work for you, and it’s going to make them feel a bit more capable of taking care of themselves. There are a few tips and tricks that will work to make this experience a positive one for everyone, the first thing is, think about packing the lunchbox after dinner the night before.

Make It Fun

We all know how stressful mornings can be and adding a teaching task to the kitchen is going to add an extra layer of stress. At our childcare in Havelock North, we have discovered learning happens more easily when everyone is feeling relaxed, so you could even think about having a go at getting your daycare kid to pack themselves a nutritious lunch on a Saturday or Sunday – this will make it more of a fun and relaxed activity. Another great idea for making it easy for tiny hands to get involved with packing their lunchbox is to remove clingfilm from the equation – even the biggest of us have been known to struggle with this wily stuff – and it’s not great for the environment.

Click, Clack – You Got This!

An easy fix is to purchase some small containers that are easy to open and close, these are fairly economical, and if you ask ask around your friends and neighbours, you may just find there are a bunch going spare. Piccolini Havelock Private Kindergarten and Childcare Havelock North reckons this will make it simple to add some crackers, use another for a dollop of hummus, pop some raisins in a third, and add a few biscuits to another for a treat. Soon you will have a stack of delicious snacks that your little one can pack themselves!

Get in touch for more tips and tricks to help grow independence ahead of that first day at school. When we start early, we finish first!