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Growing Independent Learners at Piccolini Havelock North

At Piccolini Private Kindergarten and Childcare Havelock North, we work with all our daycare whanau to help tamariki grow into strong, independent people. Aside from preparing our little learners for school, we also want them to feel like they are capable members of their family and their community. We can do lots of little things to ensure that when your daycare kid eventually heads out into the big wide world, they can take care of themselves – and perhaps other people.

Talk It Up

Think for a moment about all the tasks you do in a day to keep your household running smoothly; it can be a little daunting! At Piccolini Private Kindergarten and Childcare in Havelock North, we reckon there is no time like the present to get your childcare child involved in helping out around the house, but first, let’s think about some ways to make this less of a chore and more of a pleasure. A great approach is to talk first about the ways that everyone in your home is part of a team and that every team member needs to do their part to make the house a pleasant place to live.

Choice Is Key

Chatting to your Piccolini Havelock North preschooler about what needs to be done may just lead to them being particularly interested in one thing or another; let this be your guide. After all, it’s always preferable to have some input about what you would rather do when it comes to tasks that are going to take away from our leisure time! Perhaps your daycare kid is interested in how you wash the dishes, or maybe the noisy work of the washing machine is more compelling; they may even think vacuuming the floor is the most fun ever!

Soapy Suds

If you want to start your child off in the kitchen sink, there are a couple of things to consider. First, make sure there is a good solid stool or stepladder for them to stand on. Separate out some plastic items for their first few goes and teach them about the hot and cold tap and the right amount of soap to put into the water. Every family has a different style when it comes to handwashing dishes, so you can show them the way you like it done, then let them go for it! Don’t be afraid of a bit of mess; it’s all part of the learning process. Also, make sure that knives or very precious things are tucked safely away before you step back and let them find their feet.

Teaching your childcare kids ways to contribute around the house will help them grow confidence, and down the line, it may take some of the workload off your shoulders! Get in touch with Piccolini Havelock North for more tips and tricks to get your tamariki started on their journey to independence.